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Following the George Floyd murder, our organization began discussing what we could do to further the social justice movement. Operating out of the Twin Cities, MN, we work to ensure all voices are heard, and all cultures are seen in a historically white sport


Hockey is arguably the sport with the most barriers to entry. Expenses can range from the cost of ice time, equipment, maintenance, or traveling for tournaments. Our organization works to remove those barriers for those who face injustice and oppression from established sports communities. 


BIPOC: Play it Forward has already received an overwhelming amount of support from our local community. We are grateful to see that we are not the only ones yearning for this indispensable change. Should you be interested in supporting us please consider making a used equipment donation or donations to our GoFundMe. We are a registered 501c3 organization and can provide you with a tax form for your donations. 


One thing we would love for folks to take away from our work is to be conscientious of micro-aggressions, be open to an honest dialogue concerning a lack of diversity, & please be emotionally supportive of minorities within our community. 

it's not about us; it's about who we can help
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