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One way that we believe we can further our impact is to join together in solidarity with organizations that have similar missions

Hockey Diversity Alliance 

Founded by a group of NHL players, the Hockey Diversity Alliance was created to eradicate systemic racism and intolerance within hockey. 


They are committed to inspiring a new and diverse generation of hockey players and fans.


Click here to learn more about the Hockey Diversity Alliance! 


Hockey Ninas 

With a mission to encourage more diverse engagement in hockey, two pairs of sisters of color started the Hockey Ninas in Bloomington, Minnesota.

"We want to put a spotlight on girls of color that are out here playing hockey -  a nontraditional sport for us."

Click here to learn more about the Hockey Ninas!


The vision of this organization is to help urban youth become self-assured and competent adults through consistent mentorship from their elementary years through high school graduation.

Their values are: Listen, Work Hard, Encourage, and Celebrate

Click here to learn more about the DinoMights!


Black Girl Hockey Club 

This organization is bringing together BIPOC players, fans, media members, executives, sponsors, allies, and other stakeholders to explore the necessary steps the sport must take to disrupt racism on and off the ice and make hockey welcoming for EVERYONE.

Their campaign is called the Get Uncomfortable Campaign and its aim is to center Black women, women of color, BIPOC communities, and all others who are impacted by prejudice and injustice both inside and outside of hockey. 

Click here to learn more about the Black Girl Hockey Club!

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